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Advanced SystemCare - review + download Iobit Optimizer FreeWhat is IObit Advanced SystemCare Free? ASC is a software for Windows Operating System. Its major functions include speeding up PCs, reinforcing system performance, deleting junk files, and many other functions. Advanced System Care has a free version that you can download and install on your computer for free. Over 150 million people have already downloaded this tool across the world!

Advantages of Advanced SystemCare

1. It will take care of your computer

Sometimes, PCs slow down, which can lead to a lot of wasted time. You may also incur costs by hiring a specialist to resolve these issues. With this software, you get free registry repair, system optimization, disk optimization, and security defense. The software will always clean your PC and keep your registry clean.

2. Protection from viruses

Your computer is always at risk, especially when you are surfing the internet. Some websites can infect your computer, and there is no way to tell which websites have viruses unless you have installed software to protect your computer from this malware. Iobit Advanced SystemCare will detect such viruses and block them instantly before they infect your computer.

Another risk comes when you are downloading files. With this software, these files will be scanned automatically, and any malware will be blocked instantly.

3. Spyware removal

Usually, the bad guys will try to install cookies and spyware into your computer without your knowledge. With this spyware, they can monitor your online activities and steal personal and confidential data from your computer.

Advanced System Care Optimizer can detect and block such surveillance attempts. If such spyware has already been installed, the software will remove them from your system.

4. It is easy to use

It works well even for people unable to tune up their systems manually. With just one click, the software will implement the free PC clean and all the other functions on its own. Using the toolbox, you will access other useful utility programs with a lot of ease.

5. Update reminders

Iobit Advanced System Care has an action center that will show you the current PC status, reminding you of all the software that is installed in your system. You can, therefore, monitor your system and make changes when necessary.


The free version of the utility does not have some superior features. Pay to upgrade to the Pro version, which has all the superior features.


Advanced SystemCare Optimizer is software that every person who cares about their computer and their privacy should have! Downloading and installing the free version is easy and takes only a few minutes.

You can use the free version to speed up your computer and receive protection from malware and spyware. You can decide later whether to upgrade to the pro version or continue using the free Advanced SystemCare.

IObit Advanced SystemCare (official website)

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