8 currencies of 5G5G has significant potential to positively impact virtually all sectors and indicate the start of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Building infrastructure to support 5G and modernizing business practices that rely on an online connection doesn’t happen overnight.

Verizon has been building infrastructure for several years, investing in fiber optics, millimeter wavelengths, property, and much more. Verizon also functions with hardware developers and processor manufacturers to create standards for 5G.

The key to assessing whether or not a 5G system can reach its full potential is a set of performance indicators that Verizon president and CEO Hans Westberg called the “eight monies” at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). These currencies address:

  • Performance,
  • service deployment,
  • mobility,
  • connected devices,
  • energy efficiency,
  • data volume,
  • latency,
  • and reliability.

5G is designed to enhance each characteristic in existing cellular networks significantly.

As companies strive to leverage certain facets of 5G – whether it be higher net speed or ultra-low latency – wise entrepreneurs must know how to align their vision with the specific capabilities that 5G offers.

What precisely if entrepreneurs considered developing these improved capabilities further? Here are just three of the eight monies which may be regarded as when boosting 5G: Flexibility, reliability, and support deployment.


The 5G technology enables devices moving at rates of around 500 km/h to stay on the network. This opens up business opportunities in many areas. In particular, innovations in autonomous automobiles using mobile four-wheel-drive technologies (C-V2X).

Advanced applications, such as computer vision, are among the areas which may be considered concerning operation. The C-V2X, which forms the basis of communication between vehicles and their environment, will be among the significant advantages of the increased mobility.

While the C-V2X is in its infancy, freedom-oriented entrepreneurs have a superb opportunity to use their vision and deliver the industry closer to the widespread adoption of their C-V2X ecosystem.


Verizon has used its considerable expertise, knowledge, and attention to detail to construct the 4G LTE system to produce the 5G network. This emphasis on reliability is essential to make this technology available to companies at critical times.

The trustworthy 5G network will be a primary variable, whether it enables rapid response services in hazardous circumstances or uses the wise grids of the future.

Deploying services

Improvements in service installation are a necessity for future business requirements. We have to focus on how the service can match the software program to the particular needs of the client.

By decreasing service installation time, we could create specialized network services and immediately deploy additional features. Only then can we enable businesses to satisfy the dynamic needs of the clients.

Some key technologies are the virtualization of network functions, the branch of the community, and the ordering and management.

Lumina Networks, a leader in open source SDN, is a Verizon Ventures portfolio company building more flexible networks based on existing service deployment infrastructure. Our team continues to use innovative technologies to achieve automation and uninterrupted service.

How it all adds up

Companies that leverage Verizon’s 5G resources and the most recent industry standards will have an advantage in innovating and bringing goods to the marketplace as part of their 5G ecosystem.

Verizon Ventures is seeking revolutionary solutions that can leverage all 8 currencies. For starters, this is a fantastic opportunity to be a part of building a better 5G network.