5G and mind controlWe are on the threshold of another world, or so Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, has announced: a “fourth industrial revolution,” dominated by the intersection of the physical, biological, and electronic dimensions of human life.

5G technology will be the soil in which this new Promised Land will take root.

Beyond 5G

There are still gray areas that one need not discuss, at least not out loud. These are veiled aspects, which are the object of acute study not precisely from the think tanks which meet in world economic forums but by others, whose profiles are more discreet and reserved.

What are they searching for in controlling 5G technology? What almost always stays underground within the disagreements, blurred by military and economic arguments, is that the middle of the whole great dispute is nothing aside from 5G mind control.

This isn’t a technical problem but new planetary alchemy. You’re a node inside the network of international control and the display that accompanies you nearly everywhere, the gateway into this other system.

That is what we call ‘imaginational’ war, the battle where the battle is civilization, and the weapon is recent information and communication technologies. It’s a battle for and against symbolic hegemony, to set up a specific way of conceiving and interpreting the world.

We could consider what occurs in the symbolic world doesn’t influence the actual world. However, it’s far more critical than you might think. No social or political impact has been steered through the fanciful.

That’s to say, the kind that capitalism, democratic society, faith, the breeding of the species itself, the connection with planet earth, will take, will pass through this sieve.

Alarmism about 5G would be unfounded.

It’s increasingly hard for non-experts to separate moderate concerns from clinical trials and biases about 5G technology. The absence of dialog and consultation with local communities appears to have driven conspiracy theories.

Fears concerning the effects of cellular telephony on health are widespread, ranging from comparatively moderate concerns about the long-term dangers of living or growing up near masts, to claims of “total electromagnetic sensitivity,” which allegedly manifests itself as a myriad of symptoms, from headaches to immune deficiencies.

According to Jones, there’s no proof that 5G, or some other region of the network, is harmful. “The wavelengths that 5G uses and will use are safe and have been in testing and research for decades. It’s a trap to say it is a new technology, and for that reason, we have not tested it,” he says.

It’s not possible to entirely refute the health anxieties surrounding 5G. There’s absolutely no coherent set of announcements, few explicit studies are mentioned, and it uses an excessive amount of scientific vocabulary in ways that confuse rather than enlighten.

The Guardian spoke to many specialists, but none of them thought there was reliable evidence of injury from 5G or some other portion of the publicly licensed transmission spectrum. The general view among operators is the fact that, from a health and safety viewpoint, the installation of 5G technology doesn’t differ from any other mobile technologies, as no harmful levels of radiation are emitted.

The concerns

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the belief that the launch of 5G is a vast mind-control experiment, a successor to the CIA’s MKUltra experiments.

There’s also the fear that 5G will lead to a substantial gain in the number of masts, or at the amount of energy being emitted throughout the radio spectrum, in a harmful manner.

The Guardian cites the belief that the tech hasn’t yet been examined, and that the installation could be an experiment on the general populace. The publication notes that there’s widespread frustration with “what’s perceived as a fait accompli, introduced to the public as an unstoppable force of nature, as opposed to a consultative process of discussion.”

Based on Scott Petty, Vodafone’s technology manager, some misinformation comes from America, where a specific 5G will be implemented, which uses some radio spectrum called millimeter-wave or mmWave technology.

This form hasn’t been used before in cell phone networks, mainly because it’s not suitable; within the high-frequency spectrum, it’s more easily blocked by things like glass or trees. “While there’s a straight line of sight, it may carry more information than the areas of the spectrum used for cellular phones, but not enough to make it worthwhile,” says Petty.

Using mmWave has enabled a few alarming inferences to be made.

Conspiracy theories about 5G and the coronavirus: explained and denied.

The physics of 5G

Before diving into 5G conspiracy theories, it’s vital to note that the new benchmark is a set of different technologies. Technically, it’s just the fifth generation of wireless technologies, which may cover a broad array of frequencies.

Low-frequency radios are offering a relatively slow Internet connection. But they can travel interminable distances.

At the other end of the spectrum are high-frequency or millimeter frequencies (mm-wave).

Mm-wave relations (mmWave), also called “considerable frequency,” are much quicker, but always struggle to overcome obstacles and can’t travel interminable distances. Medium-band frequencies, as expected, provide medium-speed connections over moderate distances.

Can 5G trigger the coronavirus pandemic?

The alternative theory suggests that 5G might create the coronavirus, which is formally called COVID-19. Supposedly, both the launch of 5G and the first instances of coronavirus happened in late 2019.

Leaving aside the fact that 5G was executed in 2018, this concept links the fact that the coronavirus was first found in Wuhan, China. Coincidentally, China also recently deployed among the world’s biggest 5G networks.

There are many ways to disprove this theory. First, China recently started launching its 5G network, but this technology also was executed in South Korea and parts of America.

If 5G resulted in the coronavirus, then the virus could have appeared in unique areas of the planet first. This theory ignores the very nature of viruses, and also the fact – incontrovertible at this stage – that radio waves don’t impact the progression of an infection.

Research has proven that the coronavirus spreads through saliva droplets from somebody who talks, sneezes, or coughs (and that has the virus). These droplets can adhere to specific surfaces for hours, and might even stay in the atmosphere for two minutes after a sneeze.

Radio waves, however, are a form of an electromagnetic wave: no droplets of any kind are involved.

Although radio waves can travel through water, it’s considerably more challenging for them to do this than through air.

Maybe places with top rates of coronavirus disease might be the same as regions with 5G, but this is true because operators have deployed their networks in highly populated metropolitan areas. And: highly populated areas – where people are near each other – also facilitate the spread of COVID-19 and some other virus.

Last but not least, there’s the fact that China isn’t yet using mmWaves because of its 5G networks; it’s merely using sub-6 GHz waves, which can be from the mid-band spectrum.

These radio waves have been used for different signals for ages. All 4G towers use frequencies within this range.

Can 5G technology cause cancer?

Theories about cancer brought on by 5G have existed for some years, and it’s most likely because of using the word “radiation”. All radio waves “radiate,” but that doesn’t mean that they harm human health.

Only the upper end of the electromagnetic spectrum, which includes X-rays and gamma radiation, is “ionizing,” meaning that they can break molecular bonds and damage DNA.

We call the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum ‘non-ionizing’, and its wavelengths are too long to damage human cells.

The highest of the 5G waves is well below the border between ionizing and non-ionizing waves.

There is real-world data on the effect of radio waves. While 5G is only just beginning to be implemented, we’ve lived among waves with similar frequency ranges for decades, and several studies have linked the use of those waves to increased cancer rates.

Is 5G network mind control?

Can 5G be used for mind control? This is one of the furthest theories from being real, and it is false.

As stated, 5G wireless waves have had no visible effect on human health, so 5G “physically” can’t be used to control people’s minds.

For many, however, this concept has other elements: 5G is used to control little robots that are injected into the body through vaccines.

Sounds like science fiction… and it’s wrong. Today, nobody has mini-robots that can control people’s minds.