At least seven 5G towers in the UK have been damaged by a fire brought on by local attackers. They assert that the new communication standard is directly linked to the spread of the new coronavirus globally.

The cause of this was that the many conspiracy theories spread on social networking, which were encouraged by some entertainment and sports celebrities.

Unknown attackers set fire to 5G mobile towers in Birmingham, Liverpool, and Belfast, linking the look of the coronavirus to another standard of mobile communication, reports The Verge. The cause of this was the spread of conspiracy theories on social networks concerning the harmful properties of fifth-generation systems.

The operator of a single tower, the business EE, said the sabotage had deprived mobile communications of their local area.

“Our engineers are investigating the cause of the fire in one of our towers in Birmingham. If it turns out to be arson, that is the essential version; we’ll assist the West Midlands police to identify the offender. The facility has served tens of thousands of people in the Birmingham region, providing 2G, 3G, and 4G connectivity through the years. “We’re trying to restore full coverage but the damage from the fire is important,” said a U.S. spokesman.

Conspiracy theories

On critical social networks and online platforms, including Facebook, there are many groups with thousands of participants who discuss rumors and conspiracy theories in which 5G connectivity is a health hazard and is also the origin of COVID-19.

One such theory tells us that a new coronavirus appeared in Wuhan since the town recently started deploying fifth-generation networks.

Because of this, the pathogen supposedly continued to spread to other settlements, where 5G beams had also been set up. However, this theory doesn’t explain how the virus appeared, for example, in Iran or Japan, in which the new standard hasn’t yet been introduced.

There isn’t any proof that 5G can be about the coronavirus.

5G does not have any harmful effects on the human body – the radiation level of the standard doesn’t exceed globally accepted norms.

What people say

In an interview in October 2019, John Justi, Director of the Regulatory Affairs Department of the GSM Association, reported that there are internationally accepted limits on the use of frequencies for mobile communications.

“There are many studies which show that if the constraints aren’t broken, there’s no harm to health. Similar concerns were raised when 2G, 3G, 4G – and 5G – programs were deployed. The issue is precisely the same, but the outcome of the research is clear: if you operate within limits determined by the study, nothing will happen to you. I am not aware of any instances where a country has deliberately gone against these constraints,” said Justy.

However, the number of those who believe in conspiracy theories linking 5G and the coronavirus is growing.

It compounds the situation since these rumors are supported and spread by people in the public, like sports stars. Thus, British boxer Amir Khan announced that he doesn’t believe in the pure appearance of COVID-19.

“I don’t believe the coronavirus came from China. That is a lie. People say they ate bats, snakes. Can you believe that? I don’t think about it. You don’t think it has anything to do with these 5G towers growing before our eyes? It’s an artificial thing,” the athlete said. He explained that coronavirus is used to control individuals.

“They want to exterminate us all, so they say the virus is especially dangerous for the elderly,” the boxer said.

Among those who supported the rumors about 5G was Hollywood celebrity and “Actual Detective” star Woody Harrelson, who printed an excerpt from an article on the connection between the new benchmark and the coronavirus on his Instagram.

“Many of my friends are discussing the negative effects of 5G. My friend Camille sent me this, and although I have not yet tested the concept, I find it interesting,” – wrote the celebrity.

The singer behind the hit “Paper Planes,” M.I.A., also spoke out against 5G.

“I don’t think 5G will help disperse the COVID-19. However, 5G slows down the healing process as the body becomes used to the signs of new frequencies,” – said the artist on his Twitter.

The widespread distribution of 5G counterfeits has directed YouTube to promise to eliminate videos explaining the probable link between the new standard and COVID-19 content is “medically indefensible” and could deceive users.