360 Total Security (Antivirus)

Free 360 Total Security is a highly effective antivirus software designed to secure your computer. 360 Antivirus has many features that protect your PC and all of your data from malware. Complete antivirus functionality is available at no cost.

360 Antivirus key benefits

This program protects your system at all levels:

  • Fixing vulnerabilities in the OS by installing upgrades and patches;
  • a fast virus scan of your system;
  • complete check of your PC for viruses;
  • system recovery;
  • cleaning your computer of unnecessary documents;
  • running applications in a protected Sandbox location;
  • optimizing the auto-run of programs, plugins, and services;
  • Real-time security.

With a continuously updated virus database, 360 Total Security protects itself as firmly as its paid opponents. You may download and install the antivirus for free now and forget to pay regularly for peace of mind forever.

In 2014, 360 Antivirus shielded over 52,700,000,000 users from malicious attacks. Every day this program finds and stops around 157,000,000 virus strikes.

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