360 Total Security

Protecting your computer is a daily need, as it is becoming highly essential to have effective security to keep your PC working smoothly.

360 Total Security is a comprehensive tool containing five distinct engines that set this antivirus product apart from its competitors. Avira and Bitdefender are also included, as well as the Qihoo cloud tools, Qihoo system repair, and the QVM-II AI engine.

When these five aspects are combined, you get 360 Total Security, the greatest tool for avoiding malware infestation in almost any part of your system.

Additionally, it has a memory booster that clears off any clutter on your computer that slows it down.

Despite having so many filters and protection settings, the program is straightforward to use and has an easy-to-understand UI.

Again, even though it has five engines, it is still compact and takes up a tiny space on your computer. However, because it is simultaneously scanning for malware, its scan is a little slower than other scanners.

Your PC’s security and speed may both be improved with 360 Total Security. You may analyze your computer’s general health with “Full Check” in a matter of minutes, and with just one click, optimize it to its optimal state.

Program features

The following are the key aspects:

To give you the best virus detection and threat prevention, “Virus Scan” combines award-winning antivirus engines from 360 Cloud Scan Engine, 360 QVMII AI Engine, Avira, and Bitdefender.

To speed up your PC startup, “Speedup” improves system services and boot-up components.

To enhance overall efficiency, “Cleanup” frees up disk space by deleting unnecessary plugins and garbage files.

Additionally, 360 Total Security includes a sizable number of helpful tools in the Toolbox.

Any PC user can get the ultimate gaming experience with Game Booster.

360 Turbo protects your online activities with VPN, which also unblocks geo-restricted sites.

You can use Connect 3.0 to remotely repair your friends’ and family’s PCs from your mobile.

Users of 360 Total Security can upgrade to a premium membership starting with version 9 to take advantage of an ad-free experience, the elegant Lively Theme, and more unique offers.


Besides protecting yourself from viruses and online dangers, 360 Total Security also acts as a computer health monitor, looking after your machine’s security and efficiency. It is always FREE and accessible to you, both online and offline.

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