What fonts to use on resume

Best FontsWondering which font works best for your resume? Remember, that first impression is often the last impression. Did you know you could make a good first impression before walking in for an interview?

Your resume and the font used in it can make quite a difference. The first impression made on a recruiter is through your Curriculum Vitae (CV).

You should always choose a good font for your CV, it should be well-structured as it summarizes your abilities, skills, and accomplishments. Your resume looks like a snapshot of you. An appropriate font can help enhance the appearance of your resume.

The overall appearance of your resume will not only depend upon the font used, but also the size of the font used.

Font Size 12 is the recommended font size for resumes. Although 10 is the most used resume font size, this is minimal and increases the chance of instant rejection.

Selecting the right font for a resume is crucial, as this makes it stand out from the rest. However, while doing this, remember to use a font that is easy to read. Using a font that is mobile-friendly like Arial or Calibri would definitely help you out. We should avoid some fonts as they make a resume look unprofessional, cluttered, and difficult to read.

A recruiter has to look through many resumes, and if yours cannot catch his or her eye, it will be tossed aside. Before even being able to have time to speak, a candidate is judging by his resume. Using a suitable font will increase your chances of being selected for an interview.

According to a study conducted by the job search site TheLadders.com, recruiters spend only about 6 seconds scanning a resume.

List of 10 Best Resume-Friendly Fonts

Keeping up with the latest resume trends, we have compiled the following well-researched list of professional resume fonts that will help showcase your personality.

1. Garamond

Garamond font illustration

The first best thing about Garamond is that it isn’t Times New Roman. Times New Roman is an overused font that will make your resume appear common and plain. Garamond is a better alternative, and there are a few good advantages to using it as well. This font type gives your resume a classic, old-fashioned look.

It is also one of the most readable fonts and can be used, especially when you’re trying to keep your resume within a page or two without having to lower the font size. Garamond also makes for a good font size for resume headings. We often choose Garamond among the best fonts for CV.

2. Calibri

Calibri font illustration

This is one of the most overlooked fonts, mainly because it has been the default font in Microsoft Word ever since 2007. As Calibri is a professional font, we use it for professional appeal and also for its modern and tasteful look in your resume. This font strikes a perfect balance and is considered being one of the most appropriate modern fonts for resumes.

The font is easy to read and a size 12 looks perfect for any resume. You may draft with Calibri font for your resume.

3. Gill Sans

Gill Sans font illustration

Gill Sans can capture a classic and modern look for your resume. This is one of the most uncommon fonts, which makes it perfect for your resume. The simplicity of this font, along with its sophisticated visual appeal, makes it a professional font for resumes. Believe it or not, but this makes the list, one of the best fonts for resume headings.

4. Georgia

Georgia font illustration

We consider this to be a traditional alternative to Times New Roman. This font type is popularly known for its readability, as the letter forms have thicker strokes than most other fonts. This makes it easier to read, even if the font size is smaller than the recommended 12 in Microsoft Word. Georgia is specially designed to be read on screens and is also available on any computer with Microsoft Office. Georgia font type can be your first preference when creating a resume.

5. Helvetica

Helvetica font illustration

We know Helvetica to be the king of fonts by most designers and typographers. This font type is modern and is apparent, making it easy to read. Recruiters are reading so many resumes that they barely get time to scrutinize it. So if you’re looking to make a good first impression, then this is the font type for your resume.

We use this font for many major corporate logos like BMW, and even Microsoft. This font style can help give your resume a clean and contemporary look while still maintaining an air of sophistication. While Helvetica comes free with a Mac, you must purchase it if you’re wanting to use it on Windows. We often consider Helvetica to be among the modern resume fonts. We might consider this a Calibri font alternative.

6. Constantia

Constantia font illustration

This is one of the most readable fonts, as it is well spaced and is less stuffy when compared to other typefaces. While some fonts are optimized for either on-screen use or on printed documents, Constantia fuses the best of both worlds. This is the recommended resume font to use when mailing both hard copies and digital copies. If you want to make a sharp impression, then Constantia can be the best font for your CV.

7. Didot

Didot font illustration

This font style is unique and distinctive. We can use this font type for resumes, especially for industries like fashion and photography, given its stylistic design and pattern. It is clear, but mainly at larger sizes. Didot would be better for font headings than the actual writing font in your resume. Its classic yet stylish look will make your resume look highly attractive and appealing.

8. Lato

Lato font illustration

Lato is a serious yet friendly font that can be used for almost any type of resume. It has a professional, yet stylish and friendly look to it. Being the most appealing font, this will definitely be a wonderful sight for any recruiter who is bored by seeing resumes with common fonts like Times New Roman. Lato is free to download and can even be used online on Google Fonts. This is one of the top fonts for resume design.

9. Arial

Arial font illustration

Arial is a timeless favorite that is the best font for resumes if you want to play it safe. The lines in this type of font are clean, making it easy to read. Arial offers a classic and sophisticated look but has failed to make an outstanding and eye-popping font. It would still make your resume readable and is still used by most people across the world.

10. Trebuchet MS

Trebuchet MS font illustration

A popular alternative to Arial is Trebuchet MS. Microsoft has created an excellent font choice and is bound to get the attention of the recruiter. Using this font type will set your resume apart from the rest. The splendid thing about this Sans-Serif typeface is that it is appealing and yet not too strange to be seen on a resume.

Your resume must be clear, readable, and different. You can make this happen by choosing the appropriate font style and the best font size. Altogether, this could get you the interview for your dream job!

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